Our Backdrop


Sutton is perceived as an affluent borough. When compared to London, the borough remains one of the least deprived areas, behind only Richmond, Kingston and Bromley.

However, look behind the affluent exterior to see a hidden side of borough where levels of deprivation exist, at odds with the prosperous perception.


Who is Sutton Giving?


Sutton Giving is a new initiative from Community Action Sutton which aims to harness the collaborative power of local – local people, local businesses and local community groups, to shine a light on and tackle local issues, with the aim of improving lives and strengthening our community.

We will fundraise, actively encourage people to give their time and skills and build partnerships enabling funds to be made available to organisations that meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our borough. 





Our vision is a borough where everyone is given opportunity and we help one another to reduce inequalities, improve lives and strengthen our community. 

This will be achieved by local people, local businesses and local community and voluntary sector groups coming together collaboratively and working together.

Please join us and be the change you want to see in Sutton.